Suzuki DF350ATX

Suzuki DF350ATX

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To develop the top of the Suzuki line up, we embarked on a major expedition to build the ultimate outboard motor, while still maintaining peak maneuverability. Larger engines typically burn more fuel, and increase the weight of your boat, but we spent countless hours in design and simulation, to deliver torque without the baggage. See just how far 350 horsepower will take you, with the cuttingly designed DF350A. This model now comes in Cool White and Pearl Nebular Black.

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Renewed Gear Case

Lowered Gear Oil Temperature
To improve Reliability, the circulation of the gear oil has been improved, which suppresses the temperature rise of the gear oil.

Faster Top Speed
The newly designed gear case reduced 4% of the frontal projected area, which increased the Top Speed by more than 2%*.

New Mechanism for Changing Gear Oil
By adding a special oil passage, the gear oil can be changed without lifting a boat if you have an oil changer.


Compatible With Conventional Models
Lower unit including the advanced gear case is compatible with conventional DF350A/325A/300B. It is also installed as standard equipment for all GEKI models.

Improved Fuel Efficiency
Since the gear case has been reduced 4% of the frontal projected area, water resistance was decreased. It contributes to the better fuel efficiency.

Reduced Gear Oil
You can save your money for gear oil with more efficient oil circulation, which achieved the reduction of gear oil from 3.2l to 2.8l.


BODY COLOR Pearl Nebular Black or Cool White
Starting System Electric
Recommended Tramsom Height (mm) X:635
Weight (kg)* 330
Valve Train DOHC 24 Valves
Valve Train Drive Chain
Displacement (cm³) 4,390
Maximum Output (kW) 257.4
Bore x stroke (mm) 98 x 97
Operation Range (rpm) 5,700 - 6,300
Fuel Delivery System Electronic Fuel Injection
Oil Pan Capacity (L) 8.0
Alternator 12V 54A
Trim Type Power Trim and Tilt
Gear ratio 2.29:1
Control System DBW
Recommended Fuel RON94 AKI89
* Dry Weight : Including battery cable, not including propeller and engine oil.  


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