Battery SH-LITHIUM 36V50A

Battery SH-LITHIUM 36V50A

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SH-LITHIUM offers a wide range of lithium-ion batteries that can be used for many purposes. This equipment provides you with a power of 1000 cycles for many hours. They are compact, light and robust. SH-LITHIUM batteries are used to power electric motors or thermal circuit breakers. The internal BMS are programmed to allow 100% discharge. We also ensure safe plug and play use of the dedicated batteries. All SH-LITHIUM batteries are shock resistant, making them ideal for fishing, camping or on your boat. They can be used to power computers, telephones, campers, etc.


Dimensions 363 x 282 x 120 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 9.5 kg
Voltage 37.8 V
Capacity 50 Ah
Continuous discharge current 60 A
Discharge temperature -30 to +65 °C
Charging temperature 5 to 65 °C
smart meter Built-in
Assembled France
Protection by BMS Yes
Automatic pressure relief valve Yes
Warranty 5 years
certification CE certification
Anti-crush impact resistant Yes
* - You can choose a model with additional 13.8V 5A regulated fishfinder output  


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